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Kinky Curly

Kinky Curly

Our Kinky Curly bundles are a great match for women with a very tight curl pattern. Coily Corkscrew curls are descriptive for alot of us women, and this texture is identical to just that, the perfect option when looking for a dense look with volume and texture. 


-Indian Kinky Curly

-Natural Brown/Off Black  color can be colored up to 8 levels 

-100% human hair, minimal shedding, tangle free

-Can be pressed bone straight, offers a tight, coiled, twist out look in its natural state. 

Lasts up to 18 months with proper care and maintenance.


Traditional Installs: 2-3 bundles for a classic full look

 1-2 bundles for a less full look


Microlinks: 1-2 bundles Single Weft install

 2-3 bundles Double Weft install 

        * pair with Ijnai Hair Microlink beads

    PriceFrom $140.00
    Excluding Sales Tax |
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